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Face Painting is beautiful but meant to be temporary.

It isn't actually "Paint" but make-up and usually water activated

REGULAR WATER-BASED FACE PAINT  comes off pretty easily with just soap and water. Here's how:

Apply liquid soap or lathered soap directly on the painting and work it up into a good lather BEFORE trying to rinse anything away. Use a wet, soft rag or face sponge to wipe off the soapy makeup until the face is clean. Use products that the face is already used to.

While water-based paints should come off with soap and water, use baby oil for any residual pigment. Allow to sit for 15-30 minutes, then repeat lather and rinse.  

Be sure to take off paint before putting the kids to bed as it may not come out of fabrics as easily as it does from skin. 





This is designed to last through swimming, sweating, rain and running around all day so it will have more staying power and can last up to 3 days and be a bit more difficult to remove but here's how:  

Once you are ready to take the paint off, you can use coconut oil, mineral oil or baby oil to help dissolve paints, while moisturizing and calming the skin. Some makeup removers or 99% Rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) works too. 

For Coconut oil, mineral oil, Pond's Cold Cream and baby oil, massage a quarter-size amount until you see paint move. If you warm the oils up first, it is a bit easier for the paint to wear away, then allow time for the oils to set on the skin for a few minutes, then with slight abrasion wipe away.

For some makeup removers or rubbing alcohol (use only for for arm designs) you can apply directly to the skin to allow instantaneous removal of paint. Once most of the paint is wiped away, you can then add soap and water then rinse as usual.

The longer the paint is worn, the easier it will come off when you are ready.

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