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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a cost for our initial consultation?
A: No, there is no cost to our first meeting for murals and faux finishes.
Color consultations usually takes just 1 or 2 meetings and start at $25.
However, if air travel and accommodation is needed this cost is deferred to the client.

Q: How do you come up with a design?
A: The first step for us to talk about what you're looking for and get your ideas.
Then a theme is selected, for example: a collage of favorite sports teams for a boy's room or a city street scene for a kitchen.
We decide what elements to include in the mural, in this case would we add the team jersey or sport equipment or actual players; will we show people or just buildings in the street scene.
Everyone has an input in this process.
The colors are decided upon if they need to match existing decor.
Reference material is then collected from yours and my personal photographs and pictures.

Q: How do I see what the mural would look like before you begin:
A: A thumbnail / rough sketch is drawn to decide the composition and layout of all the elements you wanted in the mural.
You take a look at this and make changes where needed.
Once you approve it, a color painting can also be done to finalize the color scheme. There is a minimal cost of $30 for a color painting and will only be charged if I do not paint the mural or faux finish.
If you approve the color painting or drawing and give the go-ahead for the project to start, then the $30 will not be charged.
It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the color painting phase and this cost is just to cover a small part of that and materials used.

Q: How do I estimate what the cost of a mural or faux treatment will be?
A: There are so many variables in mural painting that pricing one-of-a-kind hand painted murals are really difficult.
However, to estimate the cost of a mural, my general guidelines are between $10 and $35 per square foot depending on the subject, amount of detail involved and other factors as described below. There is a minimum cost of $250 per project.
Faux painting can be estimated at $2 per square foot for the 1st color and $1 per square foot for each additional color. This cost may be less for your project so please call for a consultation!
I am based approximately 35 miles west of Chicago, Illinois, and work in and around the suburbs and the City.
Depending on size and budget, I am available to paint your murals in other parts of the state and country.

Q: How and when do we pay for our mural or faux finishing?
A: A 50% deposit is required before we start your mural or faux finish. The balance is due when we have completed the project for you.

Q: Are there factors that can influence the cost of the mural?
Yes, these factors may affect the cost of a mural:


  • OUTDOOR PROJECTS: Here in Illinois it gets snowy, freezing, rainy, windy, hot (and sometimes all on the same day). This will increase the time needed to complete a project so please bare that in mind.

  • INDOOR PROJECTS: If the project is at a business, I may only be able to paint a few hours a day when customer traffic is low, or even only on weekends. This would affect production time too.

  • LOCATION: If the project is further than 50 miles one way, I may require reimbursement for accommodation and expenses

  • HEIGHT: High murals and faux finishing are dangerous and I will need to hire a crew to set up and remove scaffolding which will affect the cost.

  • COMPLEXITY: Complex and detailed murals may increase the cost.

Q: What do we need to do to the room before you start painting?
The requests below are to ensure that your property remain unharmed in the process of painting a mural or faux.
A: Prior to my arrival:
1) Please remove all furniture from the room or move it so that there is at least a 4-foot wide space along each area to receive a faux finish or mural. I need to be able to move freely with a ladder and materials.
2) Please wipe down all moldings (crown, floor, cabinetry and window/door frames, especially the top edges) to remove dust and/or pet hair.
3) Sweep or vacuum floors.
4) Pets should not be allowed in the work area as hairs can become part of the painting and they run the risk of brushing onto a painted surface.
5) Remove all window treatments, rods or brackets if we are painting that area.
6) All artwork, pictures, shelves, wall hangings, accessories etc. should be removed. All nails or screws should be removed as well.
7) Nail or screw holes, scratches and dents need to be filled in, sanded and dried.
8) It is preferable to have a fresh coat of paint on the walls where a new mural would be painted. The best paint to use is a satin or eggshell latex
9) Where necessary, the client needs to move the stove so that I can paint at least 12 inches behind it. (if you request that I paint the entire area behind a stove/refrigerator, please notify me beforehand.
Please note that I would be happy to clear the room for an additional cost of $200 (with the exception of furniture - that is still the client’s responsibility)

Q: Do you have any special instructions on how to care for our new mural / faux treatment?
A: When cleaning walls with murals become absolutely necessary, do not scrub excessively or use harsh chemicals since this may damage the mural. Lightly wash with a damp sponge. Murals in high traffic areas such as hallways and bathrooms may need to be protected by using a clear water-based varnish in low luster or soft sheen. This should be done 1-2 weeks after the mural has been completed to allow the paint to dry and cure completely. The cost for doing this is not included in the mural cost. It is not a difficult process and most clients can do this themselves and save the additional cost of me returning.
It is fine to use the room for whatever purpose it was designed (like the bathroom) but take care not to rub too hard on the freshly painted surface. Even house paint will come off before it has had time to dry completely.

Q: What kind of wall surface do you paint on?
A: I paint on any surface but for the most part, murals are done on blank walls.
Other surfaces I paint on are: canvas, doors, furniture, basement walls, paneling, windows and more.


What type of paint do you use?

A: Usually high quality water-based acrylic paint which is durable, water resistant but easy enough to remove once the season is over.

Q: Do you paint inside or outside?

A: Typically we paint the outside of the window because the colors are more vibrant however, if it is too cold or too hot outside we will paint the inside of the window

Q: What do we need to do to be ready for the artist?

A: Please remove any obstructions in front of the window such as benches, flower pots etc. Sweep the area and have the windows cleaned professionally. Do NOT apply any product such as Rain-X.


Q:  What will the art look from the inside if its' painted outside?

A: We can do one of 2 methods: 1) Paint a solid white background and then add the design on top of that in which case you'll see mostly white with faint color showing through or 2) for an additional cost we paint the design so that it can be seen the same inside and out. This takes longer to do but it may be worthwhile. 

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