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Face Painting

Anything-Art (formerly known as Painting Faces and Spaces) is the premier face painting company in the area with experienced professional face painters available to make your party or event fabulous and make everyone feel special!

Some popular events include birthday parties, festivals, art fairs, parades, church picnics, corporate events, family reunions, scouting events, and more.

Anything-Art offers over 100 designs for you to choose from for your face, cheek or hand.  Artwork include designs of superheroes, princesses, pop culture characters, cartoon characters and more.  Smaller designs are very popular for children who want art on just their cheek, hand or arm.  Custom designs are available upon request. Adults can join in the fun as well but we can't promise to turn grampa into Brad Pitt!


Need an attraction for your not-for-profit fundraiser or benefit? Ask us how we can help. It's possible that there is little to no cost to you for this. 



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